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DocBrazil Festival 2014 – 5th edition

Brazilan Documentary Film Festival in China

As a creative platform that surpasses a film experience, DocBrazil developed its partnerships and program of paralel activities in order to attract a wider audience to participate in the celebration of the image of Brazil around the world.

Beijing 15 and 16 November

Instituto Cervantes, Gongti Nan Lu, A1

Ticket is Free, Starting 14:00 on both days.

Saturday, November 15
-Drops of Joy
-Saci Watchers
-Living Statues
-Without Sentence
Sunday, Novemberr 16
-The fight of the dog and the jaguar
-If this town wasn't mine
19:00 : parallel activity: photo exchage
  • The fight of the dog and the jaguar
    Living statues
    Every man
    Saci watchers
    If this town wasn't mine
    Without sentence
    Drops of Joy
  • The fight of the dog and the jaguar


    From 1950 to 1980 millions of people from the north-eastern region of Brazil migrated to the south-eastern states looking for better life conditions. They’re sons and daughters of the drought, hunger, and misery. As baggage, they brought children, food, stories and musical styles.

    ‘A briga do cachorro com a onça’ [the fight of the dog and the jaguar] is a Brazilian folk song, played in different versions by Fife bands throughout the country. This is a cinematic-version of such music, a free adaptation of the played history. At the same time, it portraits a poetic and contemporary perspective on such migratory flow.

  • Living Statues

    In the bustle of the city of São Paulo there are those who worry about the human spirit . Artists that make you leave the time and in between time .

  • Everyman

    Over nearly 20 years, filmmaker Carlos Nader lived with the Paraná truck Nilson de Paula and his family. From the beginning, the project was to conduct a documentary whose intentions become viscerally, a process also captured by the camera. During this period, becomes the lives of Nilson, who gets sick, his wife, Jane, and his only daughter, Liciane, as well as the director, who happens to be part of this circle also affectively. Major issues such as the meaning of life, are incorporated into the very fabric of the film, which oppose excerpts from the classic "The Word" (Ordet), Carl Dreyer, highlighting aesthetic and existential connections.

  • Saci Watchers

    Three Saci’s observers guide the documentary team through the woods and show why they believe in the real existence of those Brazilian legend .

  • If this town wasn’t mine

    Families removed from their houses in the name of The Olympic Games tell their stories. A little village, located just beside Rio's 2016 Olympic Park, is the scenery of this documentary.

  • Without Sentence

    There is no place in the world where the prison population grows as fast as in Brazil, a country that have the fourth largest population of inmates in globe. Sentence on Trial dives deep into the hellish everyday life of the Brazilian prisons to expose how moroseness, prejudice and the culture of fear amplify violence and the social abyss of the country.

  • Drops of Joy

    “A much-needed revolution”.

    The documentary “Drops of Joy” emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s playful spirit from childhood into one’s adult years. It explores how our success-driven society often leads adults to abandon this youthfulness and instead opt for a binary world where “work” and “play” must be kept separate. Its ironic title refers specifically to prescription drugs, which opens up a discussion about the over-medicalization of our lives. Ultimately, it suggests an alternative to these artificial remedies: naturally reuniting with the child within all of us, so as to live fully and freely.

Photo Exchange

Foto Exchange

An initiative of the photographers Biserra Ricardo Borges and Monica , which promotes regular meetings between photographers amateurs and professionals . At the meeting, participants bring a photograph of his own ( printed on photo paper, size 20x30cm ) to exchange with another picture drawn among those registered .

In Chinese edition the activity will promote the exchange of photos between Brazil and China participants , following the curatorial theme of the festival this year, " Colours in Brazil " ( for Brazilian participants ) and " Colours in China " ( for participants in China ) .

DocBrazil Festival Promotional Image
To inspire and promote DocBrazil Festival, we collaborate with various Brazilian artists to make visual artworks. Erica Mizutani created a beautiful arwork for the fifth edition of DocBrazil Festival, with Brazil in Colours as the main theme.

Mizulina Moon Power

Erica Mizutani
Erica Mizutani

Working in various media , the work of Erica reveals details of her personal life that flourish in a protective environment , a desire for positivity . Are creatures that despite living in a dream scenario of nature bring its lifeblood. A gentle melancholy, a longing for salvation in the adventures of Mizulina , fictional Erica’s character, always laden with human emotion, love, detachment, resilience, insight. It deals with the world of your way solving their internal conflicts and " worms " that populate her head and her particular universe.

Her aesthetic is also professional in graphic design and art edition, a position he held for magazines and advertising agencies before devoting himself exclusively to his art.














Institutional Support

Fernanda Ramone
Alice Villela
Cacau Rhoden
Carlos Nader
Eugenio Puppo
Felipe Pena
Hidalgo Romero
Issis Valenzuela
Mirrah Iañez
Special Thanks
Erica Mizutani
André Dunham Maciel
Angela Lou
Cláudio Garon
Débora Palmeira
Debora Silva
Esteban Anduenza
杜 娟 - Jane Du
潘莲 - Pan Lian
Laura Cravalho
Lia Portocarrero Amancio
Marcelo Santa Cruz
de Freitas Ferraz
Marcos Nisti
Ligia Rissato Garofalo
Lucas Oliveira Barbosa
Monica Borges
Ricardo Biserra
Simone Meira Dias
Susana Sanz Giménez
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